Online at last

Online at last

This business and website has been in the making for months. Finally today I have officially opened the doors with my first few customers alongside me. The opportunity to branch out on my own has been both exciting and scary.

The website is under construction and hopefully will start to take shape over the coming days. I want to keep away from traditional business websites and have it more as an interactive and informational place where people can visit, learn and ask about what we offer and even pick up little gold nuggets they can incorporate themselves into there own online marketing strategy.

We offer small businesses the opportunity to create an online marketing method that will best suit them. Everything from website design, website upgrades, SEO, lead generation, social media applications and more to help them establish an online presence that is both beneficial, functional and creates the desired outcome they require for there business.

What I am hoping to achieve is a site that explains what we do via blogging, also give examples of how to complete certain services and offer any help that people enquire about on topics that we specialise in. Not many places out there give people in depth information that they can understand when it comes to marketing online.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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