Website Content Guidelines

Website Content Guidelines

So what makes great content for your website? How can I word my content to get across what I do?
Before even starting the content consider these things:

  • Keywords are the main stepping stone between your site and search engine results. For example drone au is a keyword for Drones Australia and using that keyword in your website content helps search engines find your website and shows it in the results.
  • Pictures not only help make your site more appealing or help explain something, but the picture tags are equally important. For example I save a picture of an apple, but I must save it as what it represents in keyword for my website, so instead of ‘apple pic’ I might consider ‘drone view 50 meters’ so the main keyword drone view has been incorporated and saying the drone can maybe zoom in and make an apple look that big in it’s photo.
  • Lastly, lots of words are what makes search engines take your site more seriously. Most home pages contain 300-500 words, I recommend a minimum 1000 words on the home page and each other page at lest 500 words.

content-writingThis may sound difficult at first, but once you find yourself the keywords that you think people will be keying into search engines to find your service or product, then the rest should flow naturally for you.

And remember, write your own content, you know your business better than anyone else.

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