Website Design

Website Design

Staring your online marketing must always begin with a great website. Even if you already have a website, upgrading and refreshing it can do wonders. Did you know over 90% of people own acomputer and of those 70% are mobile phone user’s who also search on the net, so make sure your site is mobile responsive for all those other devices like laptops, ipads and mobiles.

Take care in your content and write as much information about you and your business as you can. Search for keywords you want to be found for and include them in your content. Content is picked up by Google and when it can see a keyword that someone is searching for, your website will be included in that search.responsive_website_design

Simple, clean, not to busy websites are best. Include some picture’s and be sure to introduce yourself and make sure what you do is highlighted and easy to find.

So here are the top 5 tips:
– Keyword rich content.
– Mobile responsive website.
– Un-cluttered website design.
– Highlight, Bold or great pictures of what you do.
– Introduce yourself, don’t be shy.

And of cause if you need help designing your website, send us an email with your website address and we can assess it for free.

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